Daniel's Tapestry Gallery


Daniel Cohen
Caravel: a Journey Outbound
Cotton, acrylic
14 x 17 inches

This image as an illustration for a story-book, "The Brass Ring". In the story, the young man sets sail for a distant island, where he intends to capture the treasure, and the princess.

The image portrays the beginning of an adventure. The sailor is excited to be underway, to cast his fortune to the wind and the waves, and to face the challenges of the sea. The residents of the castle would find their hearts full of hope for the future. Even the grassy slope of the hill might have sheep who are happy to live and browse on their meadow.

In this illustration, the bright sky and sunshine symbolize energy and hope. The castle is the home that the sailor is leaving behind, but will come back to. The tumbling waves of the open sea are the uncharted road to ... where and what? We don't know yet!