Daniel's Tapestry Gallery


Daniel Cohen
Sunglasses at Night
Cotton, acrylic
8 x 12 inches

My original intention was to show those oval blobs, on a pathway heading into somewhere in outer space. Part of my plan was the hatching (irregular horizontal lines where the colors overlap) to create a sort of color gradient. And that worked alright, I'm satisfied with it.

While I was weaving the irregular lines, I was listening to the song "I Wear my Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart. The song is not about Hart's sunglasses, but his confusion about a girl. I think. I'm confused, too.

But the impact on me was not about his girl, or his confusion. Instead, it was the rhythm of the music. It really resonated with my own weaving, with the hatching pattern, with my own weaving.

So that's where the title came from.